Music - key stage 3

Looking at Biblical instruments


Nottm St P Nottm St P

Angels playing instruments – St Peter's Nottingham Chancel screen

+ east window

- I hope Geoff might have some better ones

Can you identify the instruments being played by the angels?

Task 1

The Bible includes many references to music and instruments – look up these references (in a Bible or by clicking on the links to and create a poster that identifies the instruments and illustrates them.

Psalm 33 v2
Psalm 81 v2
Psalm 147 v 7
Daniel 3 v 7
Daniel 3 v 15
Judges 11 v 34
Joshua 6 v16
Psalm 47 v5
Psalm 150 v 5



Browse the following websites for images of what these instruments might have looked like - this one doesn't seem to have any pictures?

Note to teachers: These websites have some good illustrations of what the Hebrew instruments would have looked like but I wouldn't recommend that the students were invited to use the text of the website without lots of support from the teacher.