Music - key stage 3

Church music

Organist window


This window in the church at Kirkby In Ashfield is in memory of an organist at the church. Organs are commonly found in churches and many still use them as a means of providing music for the people at worship to sing to.




Listen to an organ playing a hymn a ‘All Creatures of our God and King’


Listen to a classical piece played on the organ


As you listen consider the feelings it invokes...listen to the tones in the do the tones & volume change and vary? How does that help you to appreciate the music being played?

What speed is the music being played at? Does it change in the course of the music? Listen carefully for any changes of key – how does that alter the pace and mood of the music?

Contemporary church music

These are 2 examples of contemporary Christian music. Watch both clips and then consider the questions:

  • How inspiring do you find this music?
  • How might this style of music in church inspire the people who go to church?
  • Is there any evidence from the clips of how people are feeling as they worship in this way?

Compare it to the organ music in the previous clips –
How far might each style of music be appropriate for a:

  • Wedding
  • Funeral
  • Christmas celebration