History - Every Building Tells a Story

The Effect of Events

Activity 2

Teachers note: This task links to activity 1 so it could be stand alone or a development of that task.

Before you begin the task: If you haven’t completed activity 1 please follow the information on ‘How do I find a church on the Open Churches website?’


Familiarise yourself with the research entry for the church you have chosen. Click on the History tab. Make a note of key dates that are linked to this church – its building and its people. (If you did activity 1 you will already have this information on your timeline). It may mention a King or Queen, the Reformation, the Crusades or other key historical event.

Research that event and then consider how that event might have affected this church building and its people during that period of time.


Think about these questions to help you:

  • Would the wider historical scene have taken people away from the parish? What impact would this have had on those who remained?

  • Would the parish and its people have to receive unwelcome visitors? Or would they be welcomed because of what they were bringing or doing?
  • What would be the impact of this wider event on the building? Might parts of it have been removed? Or added on? Might the church building have had to close? What happened to the building after this event? Information on the website might help you answer this.

  • Is there evidence in the research on the church to support the hypotheses you have made? What is it? Can you find evidence anywhere else to support your hypotheses?



effigy Priory ruins