History - Every Building Tells a Story

Creative Writing

Activity 4

Choose one of the following churches. If you haven't already used the website follow the instructions on ‘How do I find a church on the Open Churches website?’



bullet Imagine yourself arriving at this place in a period of history. You will need to determine when this is by looking at the website material and deciding when would be a good time to choose. Maybe the Reformation? The industrial revolution? The first or second world war?

Produce a piece of creative writing where you put yourself in that community at that period in history.

Keep referring back to the website as this will be able to help you answer these questions and develop your piece of writing. You will of course need to refer to previous learning.

You might want to consider the following questions:

  • What is the reason for your visit?
  • What are your first impressions of the place?
  • What kind of welcome do you receive?
  • Who are the people you meet?
  • What are living conditions like?
  • What jobs do people have?
  • How do people in the community relate to the church? Is religion important to them? What do they use the church building for?
  • Is the church a seat of power? Do the church leaders and benefactors tell people how they should behave?


Further suggested tasks are on the Teachers page