History - Every Building Tells a Story

Building a Church

Activity 3

Before you begin this task: If you haven't completed either of activity 1 or activity 2 please follow the information on ‘How do I find a church on the Open Churches website?’


Holme Barton After choosing a church to explore answer these questions using the website materials.

  • Why was the church built?
  • What uses has it had in the community?
  • Who owned it or contributed towards the building of it? There is lots of information about this on many of the church entries.
  • What role has the building played in the life stories of people? Look at the entry on the website – there are stories there of how the building has played a part in the lives of people in the community through many years.


Radford Thurgarton
  • Find the earliest dates you can for the church you have chosen. Think back to that time. Would people then recognise the views from the windows/door/tower today? How has the landscape changed? When did it change most significantly? What impact have the changes had on the community around? You may want to look at Google earth or find historical maps of the place where the church is. Consider the wider historical events that have gone on that would have influenced the changing landscape – Reformation, Industrial Revolution etc.