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Create a trail leaflet


Create a trail leaflet for the Open Churches Project aimed at young people.



The objectives of the trail leaflet are:

  • To produce a leaflet that will be attractive to young people in terms of its presentation
  • To identify a chosen route for the trail
  • To include some background information to the trail
  • To identify churches along the trail with brief information and pictures about them


Choose from:
Churches along a cycle track Churches along a canal Churches along the Nottingham tram line


Before you get started:

Look at one of the current trail leaflets available on the Open Churches website

Consider the way the leaflet might be presented.

You will need to include:
  • A map of the route
  • Numerical markings to identify the churches along the trail
  • Photos and information from the Open Churches website
  • A brief summary of the background/history/ significance of either cycle track/canal/tram line.

How to do it:
  1. Do some research around the topic. For example,

    Canals: why canals? What was their purpose? How significant were they? What are they used for now? Why has the use changed?

    Cycle tracks: what were the tracks originally? Why did their use change? What is the importance of their role now? How well used are they? What areas do they cover?

    Tram line: why was a tram line necessary? What purpose does it serve? Was everyone happy about it being constructed? Are there plans to develop it? why? What impact has it had on the city?

  2. Using an OS map of the region or City, identify where the cycle tracks/tram lines/canals run through Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

    Use the symbols on the map to identify where the churches are along the route

  3. Use the Church History / Open Churches website to find those churches. Note where to find the information about them.

  4. Begin to put together your leaflet based on this research. Remember that your leaflet is specifically for young people – 11- 15year olds – so keep that target audience in mind all the way through.

  5. When you have completed the leaflet, contact the Open Churches project and send them your leaflet. You never know! It might become an official trail guide.

Extension task:

Design the web page for the Open Churches website to advertise the trail leaflet. Look at the website to see how the trail for The Great North Road was advertised.