Role of the Church in the community


This task is to look at two contrasting communities, one inner city, the other rural. To explore how the church building in those communities, and the people in the Church, respond to the needs and challenges of living and working in that community.

The task is in 2 parts:

1. Finding out about the characteristics of the contrasting communities and the challenges of each one.

2. Considering the issues facing the churches in these communities and how they might be impacting them, addressing the challenges identified.


The two contrasting communities to consider will be:


  • Nottingham City Centre, through looking at All Saints' Church, St Mary's church and St Peter's church
All Saints
All Saints'
Nottm St Mary
St. Mary's
Nottm St Peter
St. Peter's
  • Ordsall, near Retford in North Nottinghamshire through looking at All Hallows church, Ordsall.
All Hallows'


Getting into the task:
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Before you begin you will need to start at the homepage of this website.
Using the heritage section of the website locate the City Centre churches. From the website find out some basic information about the churches:

  • Where they are in the city
  • How long they have been there
  • How the church sees itself in that community – what things does it says it offers to the community


Part 1

Using maps of Nottingham City Centre and North Nottinghamshire, find the churches you are looking at. From the maps, make notes about the area around the churches. This should include:

  • Shops
  • Housing
  • Offices
  • Farmland
  • Other local amenities

What might be the issues facing people living and working in these communities?
Think critically and constructively.

You might want to consider the following:









tramFor each one, and you may think of others, try to identify about 4 or 5 key factors under each issue. E.g. Transport – city centre... easy access to city centre with trains, buses, trams.

Transport – Rural... restricted transport, few buses, no trams, maybe no train line. Difficult for some to get to other places without their own car.

Add your ideas to these.



Taking it further:

Now use 2 additional websites to explore this area further:


City Centre (My Nottingham) Look especially at the What’s On page.



Rural on this website use the following areas available from the right-hand menu bar:

  • Wheels to work
  • Rural Access to services Partnership
  • Rural Bassetlaw befriending scheme
  • Travelling Together
  • Suicide Awareness Partnership training
  • Cornerstone Angling Skills Training

How do these confirm or challenge the list you have already made?

Add to your list and develop it in more detail

Create a presentation on the issues facing both the city centre community and the rural community.


Part 2

You will need to find the following websites:

Questions to ask:

  • what might be the issues facing the churches in these contrasting communities?
  • How are the churches addressing these issues?

Look back at your presentation of issues faced by these communities. Using the 2 websites answer the questions above.

Neither of these websites will tell you in an obvious way what the church is doing with regards to all these issues, you will need to analyse and evaluate the evidence on the websites and draw and justify your conclusions.

How far do you think the churches in these communities are dealing with the issues faced by people?
Use evidence from your research to support your answer.

What more could they do to support people and deal with the issues?