Art & Design material
  - key stage 3

Teachers notes

These activities relate to the following areas in the Programme of Study for KS3:

Cultural Understanding
  • Engaging with a range of images and artefacts from different contexts, recognising the varied characteristics of different cultures and using them to inform their creating and making.
  • Understanding the role of the artist, craftsperson and designer in a range of cultures, times and contexts.
Critical Understanding
  • Engaging with ideas, images and artefacts, and identifying how values and meanings are conveyed.
  • Developing their own views and expressing reasoned judgements.
  • Analysing and reflecting on work from diverse contexts.
Key Processes
Explore and Create
  • Develop ideas and intentions by working from first-hand observation, experience, inspiration, imagination and other sources.
  • Investigate how to express and realise ideas using formal elements and the qualities of a range of media.
Understand and Evaluate
  • Appreciate how codes and conventions are used to convey ideas and meanings in and between different cultures and contexts.
  • Reflect on and evaluate their own and others’ work, adapting and refining their own images and artefacts at all stages of the creative process.
  • Analyse, select and question critically, making reasoned choices when developing personal work.
  • Develop ideas and intentions when creating images and artefacts.
Range and Content
  • Study of a range of artefacts from contemporary, historical, personal and cultural contexts
Curriculum Opportunities
  • Respond to the school’s location and local cultural influences.
  • Make links between art and design and other subjects and areas of the curriculum.



Particular thanks to Jane Lewis for creating these resources.