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The cross has been a symbol of the Christian faith for many years.

It is a reminder to Christians of the sacrifice of Jesus. A cross with Jesus on is called a crucifix.

Crosses in churches vary greatly – some are simply 2 pieces of wood nailed together, others are carved and polished, others made out of nails, one particular cross is called the Christus Rex – this is the figure of Jesus with arms outstretched which actually makes the cross shape. This type of cross is intended to show Christ in glory, that he is risen and has gone back to heaven to his rightful place with God.


Christus Rex in a local parish church
- This figure was made to be similar to the one in Southwell Minster.
This cross has been constructed in a contemporary design. Consider carefully the materials used and the representation of the cross.
This cross was rescued from a shell hole and brought back from France and placed in the church after the first world war.
An example of a very ornate cross hanging from the ceiling of a church.