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Church Buildings


There are many traditional church buildings in Nottinghamshire. Some were built so long ago they are referred to in the Domesday Book. Some were built much more recently. Some churches have partnered with another church and share the same vicar and maybe some of the other resources too. One such church is St Paul's in Daybrook. St Paul's is a traditional church building on the main road into Nottingham. They are partnered with another church, St Timothy's, which is in the middle of a quieter residential area. This is a really good example of the way 2 churches that have very different buildings work together.

Take a look at the website for St Paul's Daybrook. By going to ‘About’ you can click on the 2 churches separately and see how different the outside of their buildings look. There is a brief explanation about the 2 buildings. Use the ‘Gallery’ to see pictures of the inside and outside of both buildings. As you look at the Gallery work out which pictures are St Paul's and which are St Timothy's. Think about how St Timothy's building is made into a place for worship. This will help you with a task you are to carry out. (See suggested teaching and learning resources for outline of a task based around this.)



St Timothy's church, Daybrook


Alternatively, you can find out more about the Daybrook churches' histories by looking at

> St Paul's

> St Timothy's