Art & Design material - key stage 3

The following teaching and learning activities can be carried out using these links to artifacts: lecterns | windows | fonts | crosses | church buildings | teachers notes


Suggested teaching and learning activities – art and design

simple cross

cristus rex



Compare 2 images of the same artefact. What does the design/structure/use of materials say about a) the person who designed and created it? b) the church community who commissioned it?
cristus rex



Find out: why the lectern/font/cross are such important features in a church. What do these features say about what is important to Christians?



Design/create a cross for a church that has a strong environmental focus for a church that takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Consider the design, context, materials, the message the church might want to convey to those in the community.


bramley apple



Your local church decides on a new window for the church building. They want it to reflect something that is significant about the area e.g. the Bramley window in Southwell Minster. Research your locality and decide on what the window should reflect. It is also important to remember that this window also needs to have a Christian focus – it is meant to be inspiring in a Christian place of worship.






Using the pictures of the brass eagle shaped lectern and the fonts with carvings, create printing blocks based on the patterns and designs you observe. Suggest what items could be created for the church using those patterns and designs.





Church buildings – A new housing development is being built on a former colliery site. A nearby church is to start a church on that development with some of its members starting the new congregation. Their mission statement is ‘Serving a new community with a contemporary message’. The diocese have asked that the new church to be open and accessible to the community as well as a place for Christians to worship. Your brief is to design the new building both externally and internally. For the exterior you should consider the shape, layout and materials of the building. For the interior you should consider the church furniture, their design and the materials you will use to construct them.



Particular thanks to Jane Lewis for creating these resources.